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Practical Outdoor Shoes with A Lot of Comfort And Function

Practical Outdoor Shoes with A Lot of Comfort And Function

When you hear “outdoor shoes,” do you think of boring heavy hiking shoes? Wrong thought! Rieker proves again this season that outdoor shoes can also look cool while being comfortable! Classic lace-up shoes are available for men and women, or you can browse high-tops for extra ankle support. Every outdoor junkie will find the perfect shoe here! Classic minimalist styles aren’t boring – in timeless black, beautiful gray or rich brown, the practical shoes are guaranteed to match your colourful hiking wardrobe!

Closed, comfortable shoes can be easily combined for a city walk even in cold temperatures and Rieker low shoes for women go perfectly with thermal leggings and knitted dresses. Visit our official Rieker online shop now and discover your outdoor shoes and other styles for the cold season!

Rieker will always stand for function and fashion with the extra layer of comfort! Light, flexible soles, comfortable widths, and lace & zipper fasteners mean more space for the feet, relaxed movements, and optimal fits – tailored exactly to you! Perfect for nearby nature or day trips to beautiful leisure regions: Grab your outdoor shoes from Rieker and make your trip unforgettable!


Outdoor Shoes: Enjoy The Cold

A long walk through the colourful forest in autumn or a hike in the snow during a winter holiday – Rieker athleisure shoes are the ideal footwear for outdoor adventures because they are comfortable to wear and will win the hearts of every nature lover. Whether women's winter boots or feature-packed Rieker shoes for men, Rieker has the perfect outdoor shoes for you in the cold season!

Every day is an adventure – and twice as much in the fresh air! The perfect combination of stylish outfits and matching, functional shoes makes every hour outdoors unforgettable. To ensure that your night hike in snow and ice doesn't end in a slippery situation, we offer anti-slip shoes. you can choose between boots with the Fiber-Grip sole for extra grip on icy surfaces or Flip-Grip boots with fold-out spikes for snow and ice.


Non-Slip Shoes: Extra Safety in Autumn and Winter

Walk safe – the top priority when walking in winter weather conditions! For added safety on ice and snow, Rieker offers two well-thought-out technologies that provide extra grip for men's and women's boots. We're talking about the Rieker Fiber-Grip sole, which is equipped with rough fiberglass elements, and the Rieker Flip-Grip sole, which is equipped with fold-out spikes. Smart grip!

Thanks to smart Rieker women's boots and Rieker men's boots, you can really enjoy the cold season without constantly worrying about suddenly slipping. Our anti-slip boots are equipped with winter features, with the two technologies for extra grip, Flip-Grip and Fiber-Grip, the absolute functional winners are these winter collections! Have unbridled winter fun with Rieker!

Snow and ice are wonderful harbingers of winter, but walking on them is often not that easy! Our two sophisticated anti-slip technologies provide extra grip for warm Rieker boots and put an end to the sliding part! With Rieker Flip-Grips with fold-out spikes for steps on treacherous snow and Rieker Fiber-Grips with fiber-glass soles for additional safety on icy surfaces, slipping is a thing of the past! Your winter can now be worry-free!


Fiber-Grip: Glass Fibers for Extra Grip

The innovative Rieker Fiber-Grip technology offers fiberglass areas integrated into the tread sole, which reduce the risk of slipping on icy floors. The way the anti-slip sole elements work is with the non-slip effect of the rough glass fibers. They're microscopic and hard to see, but they pack a punch! Winter boots with fiber-grip soles are exactly the right choice if you are looking for winter outdoor shoes for slippery roads.


Flip-Grip: Fold-Out Spikes for Better Grip

Simply fold over the sole embed and enjoy additional grip! The Rieker Flip-Grip technology spikes are suitable for icy surfaces and compact snow cover. The fold-out grip system makes both Rieker women's and men's boots functional heroes. The feature is easy to use and doesn’t affect walking comfort! The clasp element is embedded in the profiled sole and does not change the walking experience when folded in, while it provides enormous grip when folded out. Shop non-slip shoes for a safe outdoor time in the winter!

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