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Rieker shoes are not merely decorative, fashionable, products. Their functional features mean they offer much more than that. Every shoe incorporates our special construction and utilizes lightweight and elastic components to achieve our special anti-stress features.

  • Minimum weight.
  • Optimum shock absorption on varying surfaces.
  • Maximum reflexibility (what we call the ´barefoot´ feeling).
  • A construction that devotes space to areas where the foot expands through the day.

Comfort with style!

Our everyday lives are becoming more and more stressful and fast-paced. That's why we at Rieker have made it our mission to make your life easier. Literally with the help of the anti-stress properties! They make our shoes lighter, more flexible, offer more space for stressed feet, and more shock absorption with every step!

Of course, style does not have to be compromised, because fashion is also very important at Rieker. And you can find anti-stress features in all of your dream models: from trendy clogs and airy sandals to rough lace-up boots and stylish slippers!

Lighter, more flexible, more space, more shock absorption. Our shoes are constructed in such a way that every step is like wellness for your feet!

The Rieker Antistress Philosophy


Minimum weight makes our footwear comfortable to wear - you can hardly feel them on your feet! Specially produced components and unique construction ensures a lightweight and comfortable fit. This is great for your muscles!

More flexible

All models with the Rieker anti-stress properties have maximum of flexibility! This means that the foot can roll off more easily. Flexibility allows for a natural movement of the foot and ensure the best fit at all times.

More room

A fit where it’s not the foot adapting to the shoe, but the shoe adapting to the foot. Our shoes give you the space you need. Our anti-stress shoes fit you all day long - without annoying pressure in the shoe! Custom Rieker lasts ensure more room in the toe box allowing extra space for your foot.

More shock-absorption

The shock-absorption feature gives you comfort and security. Smart sole technology absorbs shock by spreading pressure over its entire surface for a more comfortable tread. Thanks to the memory foam in the sole or insole, it cushions every step you take on different surfaces and is easy on the joints and back.


Less stress, more life!

We should be able to rely on our shoes in every situation because they are the ones that accompany us in all our activities! Shoes by Rieker with antistress™ properties mean pure wellness for the feet and a stress free life with every step.