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TEX Waterproof Membrane

Comfort for your feet - even on cold and wet days!

Protection & comfort for all weather!

Shoes with a TEX membrane are water-repellent, so you can enjoy your outdoor time even more. TEX offers additional weather protection to reduce the influence of cold, wet, and wind. This allows your shoes to withstand the natural elements longer.

The core of the TEX models is the high-tech membrane. Integrated between the outer material and inner lining, it forms an effective, water-repellent protective layer.


A membrane layer found between both the inner and outer material that keeps feet dry while wicking moisture out.

Protection against wet and cold weather, TEX is breathable and windproof. Our TEX styles are constructed in such a way that they offer you extra protection and comfort in all weather conditions.

Wet Protection

The TEX membrane offers active protection against moisture so that you can enjoy the time outdoors longer.

Cold Protection

TEX acts like a protective shield and convinces with its thermoregulating effect. This keeps your feet pleasantly warm for longer, even
when it's cold.


Outstanding wearing comfort in wind and weather, thanks to the wind blocker property offered by the TEX membrane.


The TEX membrane allows moist air to escape from the shoe and thus optimizes the climate in your shoe.

NOTE: The materials are water resistant to zipper height. Water still may penetrate the zipper, buckles, textiles on all Rieker and Remonte products.

To learn more about how to clean your TEX membrane shoes, visit Shoe Care