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Sneaker by Rieker: Fall 2023 Collection

Sneaker by Rieker: Fall 2023 Collection

Cool, cooler, sneakers by Rieker

Who says that sneakers by Rieker can only be worn in the warmer seasons? At Rieker, your favorite sneakers are in season all year round. With our trendy high-top models and low ankle shoes in numerous autumnal colours from green to brown to timeless black, you'll look great even on colder days!


Cool and casual – perfect buddies for every day

If you still think that sneakers are just summer shoes, you're completely wrong! At Rieker, no one has to go without the super cool, comfortable all-rounders just because it's cold outside! Equipped with ankle-high shafts in the trendy high-top style, water-repellent membranes and heavenly soft soles, you can easily wear our sneakers with TEX even on colder days!


Through the streets with coolness and style

The hype is real! Where would we be without sneakers? Pretty sad...! For this reason, we love wearing our favorite street sneaker all year round. Whether in Toronto, Montreal, or Victoria: No street style works without our sneakers!

Cool, comfortable sneaker styles

We know that sneakers are probably the coolest buddies for everyday life, leisure and now even business life due to their versatile style talent. But what if it's not just the look that counts, but also the inner technologies ​​are so convincing that you don't know whether you want them for the style or the comfort? We'll just tell you one thing: With the Sneaker by Rieker models, you have no choice but to love both factors to the maximum!

Sneakers as far as the eye can see

Sneaker love is endless and all areas of life and situations are affected by it: leisure time and all imaginable activities during it can be tackled stylishly and comfortably with them, in business they are the sporty and stylish heroes and sometimes they match perfectly with your dress! If you love Sneakers, it doesn't just stop with Rieker. Check out the full Casual Women's and Casual Men's Collection. For more on the go footwear for an active life style, shop our Athleisure Collections: Men's and Women's.

Order sneakers online

Discover all sneakers by Rieker in our online shop and order them straight to your home. And if you want another shoe buddy to accompany you in the cold season, take a look at the Chelsea boots, where you will also find ultimate style and maximum comfort in every model!

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