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Founded in the Black Forest region of Southern Germany in 1874, the company soon gained a reputation for quality and built itself into a household name in Central Europe. Rieker is a family-owned company of five generations and dedicates itself to a quality and style that has grown for more than 30 years. Today, Rieker employs approximately 20,000 people, mainly in Morocco, Romania, Slovakia, Tunisia and Vietnam, where the company’s own production facilities are located. Rieker is currently represented in over 70 countries worldwide.  

Rieker in Canada 

In 1995, Rieker expanded into the Canadian market which has allowed Rieker to focus on product development that suits the needs of the Canadian market. Today, the Rieker Canada corporate office and distribution center is located in Concord, Vaughan, Ontario. 

Brand Philosophy

About Us

Rieker’s philosophy has always been to provide not just a better product, but the best people can buy. Rieker produces high-quality leisure products that not only look good, but enhance the wearer’s lifestyle. In today’s lifestyle driven market, Rieker is unique in being able to quickly respond to the fashion trends that men and women desire all while providing the product functions important to feel good in everyday life. Rieker shoes are famous for their longevity and antistress features. To maintain manufacturing integrity and to remain flexible with fashion trends, virtually everything Rieker sells is made by Rieker.

The new Rieker EVOLUTION trendy lifestyle brand combines innovative shoe designs with numerous features and high-quality materials. Rieker EVOLUTION stands for new approaches in terms of design, manufacturing techniques and materials: more spirted, more stylish, with a sporty lifestyle reinterpretation that inspires emotion.

Remonte is a sister brand under the Rieker umbrella and is also distributed widely in Canada and other international markets. Remonte is committed to a young and modern design style with high-quality materials. Its tradition of craftsmanship goes back over 100 years. With a fashion-forward philosophy and a passion for comfort, Remonte offers a youthful and trendy collection for all.

To ensure that walking is always a pleasure, and that your feet do not feel tired, all Rieker and Remonte shoes feature cleverly designed technical lightweight interiors, and flexible outsoles with shock-absorbing qualities, that ensure comfort and relief with every step. Rieker and Remonte is where fashion means comfort and quality lasts right out of the box.

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