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Please refer to the below chart after determining your material type in order to properly clean your shoes.



Our Rieker and Remonte easy care material are some of the best vegan friendly materials in Canada. With these easy care materials, a simple damp cloth with mild soap will remove any dirt, salt, or grease stains. DO NOT SPRAY OR APPLY ANY OILS, WAX, OR FINISHING PRODUCTS TO THESE MATERIALS.

*Vegan Friendly*

With these products we are reducing the amount of animal based products used in the construction of our footwear, and the major components are Vegan. However, it cannot be stated as Vegan rather Vegan-friendly; as it may have small amounts of materials that cannot be verified as 100% animal-free.



It is recommended to always protect your leather footwear before initial wear. This will assist with the longevity of the upper. Please note that different types of leather require different care products, for example suede and nubuk. For more details, check out our Leather Shoe Cleaning and Care products. Be sure to always read and follow the label before use. Here is how we recommend keeping the leather upper clean:

  1. Leather lotion and leather cleaner
  2. Polish (of appropriate colour)
  3. Protective Spray
  4. If applicable use a suede brush or block



Caring for a shoe of combination material can be tricky. If you are not able to differentiate the leather from the synthetic sections, we highly recommend that you consult with our professional retailers or use only the vegan friendly care procedure.



Water repellent membrane (a layer found between both the inner and outer material) that keeps feet dry while wicking moisture out. Rieker and Remonte TEX can be found in both leather and vegan friendly shoes.

NOTE: The materials are water resistant to zipper height. Water still may penetrate the zipper, buckles, textiles on all Rieker and Remonte products.